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Life Lessons Never Forgotten

Life Lessons Never Forgotten

Do Loved Ones Communicate with us from Across the Veil?

As Christians, we understand that although death is the end of our physical bodies, it is only the beginning of our soul’s journey into eternal light. A loved one’s funeral is not an end; it is, for them, a beginning, and although they have crossed over the veil, they are able to communicate with us in various ways. We, of course, must be open to this so that we can recognize their presence and guidance.

How do Our Loved Ones Communicate with Us?

As a woman of faith, I must first say that I do not believe that these messages are magic. I believe that they are gifts given to us by God to comfort and guide us throughout our grief and our grief may last our lifetime.


One of the more common and easiest ways to recognize a visit from a loved one is in a dream. These dreams are comforting and light-filled, and we usually wake with a sense of having spent precious time with the person we are missing.

Feathered Friends

Many believe that cardinals are messengers from loved ones passed. This has not been the case for me, but I have often seen it with others. When the person sending the message and the person receiving it, held the same fondness for a particular bird, the communication may be in the form of that bird; perhaps a robin or nightingale.


Particular fragrances are often signs that a loved one is nearby. I experience this with my mother when I am missing her and smell her perfume.

Other Ways

There are other ways in which our loved one let us know they are watching over us or are beside us. Rainbows, shadows, music, and sensing their presence.
Most importantly, we must be open to the signs or we will miss the gift and the solace it offers.

Do Loved Ones Continue to Teach us From Across the Veil?

A message from a deceased loved one can be as simple as letting you know they are nearby and watching over you but this is not the same as the gift of a lesson when that person is not, in the same way, communicating with us.

People teach us and influence us during our lives and, although, in a different way, they continue to guide us after they have left the earth. How often have we been uncertain, when having to make a decision? Amid our uncertainty, we wonder, “What would my father decide?” and our cloud of doubt gives way to a sense of clarity.

An Example and a Tribute

Recently, my husband and I lost a dear friend. He was an extraordinarily wise man. During the years of our friendship, we often went to him for advice, both practical and spiritual, and each time, his insight amazed us. He was a man of God; sensitive, creative, a lover of fine art, a composer, pianist, and a writer. He filled our home with music, books, and art objects which we shall forever treasure. The music he gave us offers a sense of peace, each book brings us to a greater depth of prayer and each object recalls an event or conversation. He continues to teach us in these and other ways and each memory offers a more valuable lesson.

As we think of those who have physically left us, we cannot help but recall something they said or did that heightened our sense of awareness toward something or someone.

Not Death ~ Transition

I don’t like to use the word, death, because it suggests an end and love never ends. Our souls never die. As long as a memory lives within us, that person lives on. I never knew my grandmother but my mother spoke of her often and, in that, she became a part of me. She lives on.
I believe that it is our responsibility to repay the gift of a person’s love for us by keeping them alive after they have crossed over the veil. How do we do that? We do it by remembering and sharing our memories with others.

“Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes. Because for those who love with heart and soul there is no such thing as separation.”

Marilyn Nash for

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