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Find a living tribute

Living Tributes are accessible by family and friends anywhere in the world, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Unlike traditional printed obituary notices, which have limited exposure and are gone after just one day, Living Tributes will remain available on an ongoing basis to succeeding generations.

Living Tribute

An extended, personalized life story accessible on an ongoing basis on the Internet. A Living Tribute can be an obituary or a biography and includes a photo.

Personal Tribute

A Personal Tribute can be a special written memorial by a family member or friend that can include a special letter, story, poem, eulogy.

Guest Books

Guest Books allow family and friends from anywhere in the world to express their sentiments either by simply signing their name or offering condolences.

Heirloom Book

Living Tribute Heirloom Books provide a complete compilation of the Living Tribute that includes all Personal Tributes and photographs.

Capture Moments
Living Tributes honor and preserve life stories now and for future generations.
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Add a tribute

With a Living Tribute, an entire life story can be chronologized and preserved with a biography, obituary, stories, letters, poems, tributes or photos. Help celebrate your loved one’s life story with a Living Tribute. Share your Living Tribute with family and friends anywhere in the world at any time of the day or night. Preserve those precious memories now so they will be available to future generations.

Our Blog

Ways to honor soldiers on Memorial Day


Fly the flag

There is a hidden secret behind raising and waving the flag at Memorial Day. Abiding by traditional flag etiquettes, the flag is raised at half-staff from sunrise to noon to commemorate and pay respect to those soldiers who gave their lives fighting. And afternoon, the flag is raised at full-staff for the remainder of the day in remembrance of those active and living veterans who continue to carry on the proud flag on active duty.

Show appreciation

Displaying respect and affection can uplift and motivate soldiers on duty and active on the field. Saying words as easy as, “Thank you” can make their day regardless of what harsh environments and circumstances they endure. You can show your gratitude by sending a thank you letter or a thank you bouquet.

Help military families

Any helping gesture is highly appreciated in a military household. Simple gestures such as helping families with their chores, donating blood to valuable organizations that aid soldiers and old items and clothes which are of no use can be recycled and given to families of soldiers KIA or killed in action.

Visit a cemetery

Do not let the graves of respected soldiers lie in dirt and debris. Instead, visit the cemetery and help clean and decorate the soldier’s tombstones with flags and flowers. It is a great way to display respect for those who gave up their lives for the freedom we enjoy today.


Attend a memorial service

It is part of the Memorial Day custom to host patriotic parades, concerts and ceremonies. Moreover, taking part in such patriotic festive activities can help show the younger ones the importance of the Day and will make existing veterans happy.

Acknowledge a minute of silence

During Memorial Day, everyone in the nation is encouraged to maintain silence for a minute at 3 pm, local time in Memorial Day to remember the sacrifices and acts fallen soldiers.

Keep the history alive and active

Conduct feasts and picnic activities with everyone in the family along with those having a prior history in the forces. Tend to ask the veterans to recite their tales and war stories for the whole family to listen and apprehend the seriousness of the pain and sacrifices soldiers encounter every day on duty. It is because of their blood, tears, and sweat; we enjoy the freedom bestowed on us today.